Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Rain doesn't have underwear"

So, today we stayed home ALL DAY, which os not something we really ever do. I was not feeling very good (pregnancy stuff) and the kids needed a day in. I had cleaning to do and things to organize, so we basically stayed in our PJ's all day. In fact, when I was putting Kayleigh to bed this evening, I just took off her PJ's from last night and put on another pair. HA!! Luckily, today it rained almost all day, which did not make me feel as guilty for staying inside with the kiddos all day. All three of us were sitting in the chair in front of the window and I started singing the only song that came to mind (which is kind-of scary) "Rain, Rain Go away come again another day...." I am sure you know the rest. Maybe it is not the best song to sing around an almost 3 year old, but when I came to the end, "...I don't care....I'll pull down your underwear." Ethan thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then he looked at me with the most confused face and said "Mommy, rain doesn't have underwear!" I had to smile and agree. Children are so funny, and are so truthful! I had to tell you this story, b/c it just reminded me how fast these little kiddos grow up. All in all-it was a relaxing day with lots of laughs and fun!

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