Saturday, January 24, 2009

"Rain doesn't have underwear"

So, today we stayed home ALL DAY, which os not something we really ever do. I was not feeling very good (pregnancy stuff) and the kids needed a day in. I had cleaning to do and things to organize, so we basically stayed in our PJ's all day. In fact, when I was putting Kayleigh to bed this evening, I just took off her PJ's from last night and put on another pair. HA!! Luckily, today it rained almost all day, which did not make me feel as guilty for staying inside with the kiddos all day. All three of us were sitting in the chair in front of the window and I started singing the only song that came to mind (which is kind-of scary) "Rain, Rain Go away come again another day...." I am sure you know the rest. Maybe it is not the best song to sing around an almost 3 year old, but when I came to the end, "...I don't care....I'll pull down your underwear." Ethan thought it was the funniest thing ever. Then he looked at me with the most confused face and said "Mommy, rain doesn't have underwear!" I had to smile and agree. Children are so funny, and are so truthful! I had to tell you this story, b/c it just reminded me how fast these little kiddos grow up. All in all-it was a relaxing day with lots of laughs and fun!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Time flies by

I know I will say this all the time....but Kayleigh and Ethan are growing up so fast! Kayleigh is still so girly, but will take a snap at Ethan (literally) when he bothers her. Kayleigh has put up with so much from Ethan over the last year and a half that I have to laugh (not in front of her) when she bites him after he does something mean to her. I just tell myself, "well...he deserved it." On the outside, of course, I have to punish her to which she just cries. She is walking, almost running, everywhere. I forgot how cute it was to see the early walkers "waddle." I watch her and hope that people think it is "cute" when I begin to waddle at the end of my pregnancy. She loves her teachers at school, Mrs. Brooke and Mrs. Jenny. She really wants to be "big" like Ethan so she hurts herself OFTEN!

Ethan just amazes me every day! He starts saying things, and we wonder "where did he learn that?" He tells Kayleigh when she is doing something wrong, how to fix it and when to leave him alone. He is quite the bossy one. My mother would say that he is the first-born....he followed in my footsteps. He is doing really well with the potty training....I will call it that until I NEVER have to remind him to go "potty." We have been accident free for a week! YAY! I am very proud of him, though his dentist will prob not be happy with me at the dentist appt in a few months. We don't eat much candy, so for him to get candy for a treat was really a treat! I was wondering if he was just going potty for candy....but I soon realized that I didn't care! At least he was going. Those aren't his permanent teeth, right?! I thank God daily (normally at the end of the day when they are sleeping..HA) for the gift He gave us when allowing us to be the earthly parents of the two of them. They are little blessings from the Lord and we are so excited that the Lord has blessed us with one more! Add Image

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

...and then there were 5...

Todd and I found out a few days ago that we are expecting another child mid-September! We could not be more excited! I was so happy to tell the kids....even though Kayleigh could care less, and Ethan thought that I am carrying "sisi" (what he calls Kayleigh) in my tummy! I am excited that Ethan will understand a little better about this pregnancy, since he was only 16 months when Kayleigh was BORN! Todd and I feel so blessed to be given this gift of another child. I am constantly reminded of god's grace and love.
Now, let me be "real," I am a little nervous about juggling THREE kids with only two hands. I am nervous about Todd and I being outnumbered. I am scared about how Kayleigh and Ethan will accept the new baby. I am worried about all the moving of rooms and furniture that will take place in our house in the months to come. It is amazing that a bigger house can suddenly seem so small! I am terrified of nursing again and of the COST of formula! I would not be human (or a mom) if I did not have some feelings of anxiety! And of course, I am so OCD the idea of rearranging my drawers and cabinets in the kitchen for bottles and baby stuff again makes me go crazy. But.....I am so extremely grateful for Gods amazing and unending love and this perfect little joy that he has given us.
Five is a perfect number, right?! Thanks for everyones continued support and love! I will keep everyone updated through this blog. Please pray for a healthy and happy pregnancy!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Potties and Blogs

Since I am new to this "blog" phenomenon, you will have to excuse the titles for my posts. I have also had a really crazy week potty training Ethan, so my mind has been on potties all week. Ethan is doing real well.....I am just about to go crazy. Those of you who have potty trained knows that the task is exhausting and annoying. Almost as snnoying as buying those $1800/pack pull-ups, but not quite. Ethan has been quite the trooper with his 20 min potty breaks and his mother asking him every 10 min if he is "dry." I feel as if we are living in a compound only to leave to regain some sanity. Honestly, I am so pround of him. I can count on one hand the number of accidents he has had in 6 days! That is quite an accomplishment. I am one week closer to a potty trained little boy AND one week closer to losing my mind. Kayleigh has been sitting on the "sidelines" cheering her brother on during this less than perfect week! But, seriously, who has perfect weeks??!! I am thankful for the hours that are great. Kayleigh has been getting her other molars this week....need I say anything else. It is funny (and gross) when Kayleigh tries to climb on the potty like Ethan. Does she want to potty train?! I can only do one at a time....but I am hoping that everything I am doing with Ethan will trigger memories (hopefully not painful ones...HA) when she is ready to train!

I hope to learn more about blogging to keep friends and family informed and involved. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Like WHY this picture is sideways??!!